My name is Maryam Aguenagay. I am of Moroccan decent. I have been living in Vancouver since 2013, and I have been working in the educational field for over 14 years. I was a French teacher in elementary school in Morocco, and a specialized teaching aid for 3 years at the francophone school Anne-Hébert in Vancouver. I am now continuing my journey in the field of early childhood education.

Maryam Aguenagay
Maryam Aguenagay

I have built up my experience working with children aged three and four, accompanying them on a daily basis and encouraging their development, while working with professionalism, and respecting the basic rules of safety and hygiene.

I love working with children because I find them to be a source of inspiration and an absolute joy. I love to dance with them, especially zumba, and also to complete projects such as mosaics, gardening, and dance shows. Working with these angels is my passion. Over the past seven years, I have further developed my patience, listening and team spirit. I put these skills to the service of pre-kindergarten. I am very fortunate to be an educator at V’là l’Bon Vent preschool.

My goals for my classes are:

  • To encourage a love of school in children, so they want to come back, and feel autonomous.
  • To teach children to live in a community together.
  • To offer children a pleasant, rich and stimulating environment in which they will learn at their own level while giving them a positive experience with the French language.
  • To provide children with the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and develop their skills.
  • To give them the pleasure of evolving and playing in a group by learning to socialize and share.
  • Offering a Yoga, Dance and Gymnastics program
  • For the 4-year-old group, an additional program: mosaics.

Thank you,

External Administrator

For part-time assistance under the direct supervision of the preschool Educator, the External administrator deals with various issues not covered in the preschool parents’ positions such as search for grants, control of performance of the tasks and obligations by the parents, reminding them about the due dates for their duties and obligations, coordinating of activities of the various positions, etc.