Registration and Fees

The procedure for registration varies among current parents or new parents.

Current parents – Priority Registration

The priority registration period starts before the official registration, usually before the February open house for the following September.

Given that the preschool can only host ten children per half-day session, and in order to allow for continuity for those enrolled, we obviously give priority to the families of children already registered for the current year. If you chose to register your child in the 4-year-old group for the following year, you will be allowed priority registration and a choice of schedule, if applicable.

The priority registration period also applies to brothers and sisters of a child who has been registered to the preschool previously. In such a case, families must make sure to let the person in charge of registration know ahead of time (especially if it has been more than a year since the older child left preschool) since younger children are not automatically registered.

School fees monthly payments are made by 9 cheques postdated to the first of the month, starting September 1st. The payment for June is payed before the beginning of the school year and serves as a deposit in case a registration is canceled without a month’s notice. 

Families with two children registered at V’là l’bon vent Preschool at the same time, whether they are twins or siblings a year apart (in which case one would be in the 3-year-old class while the other is in the 4-year-old class) will receive a 30% discount on the fees charged for the second child (based on the most expensive registration).

New Parents

Registration for new parents includes two steps: Pre-registration and waitlist; Official registration.

Pre-Registration and waitlist

Thank you for your interest in V’là l’bon vent preschool. If you want your child’s name to be added to our waitlist, let us know and we will send you a form (in French only) for you to fill and submit with a $25 nonrefundable fee. This deposit will be taken off of your registration fee if you child is admitted in the program.

If your child’s name is on our waitlist, you will be given priority at the time of official registration, in the Spring. Priority order will be based on the date of the $25 payment.

Families of children who have previously attended the preschool have until the day of the open house (in February or March) of the year in which a younger child is to attend the preschool to send in their cheque and registration form in order to secure their priority spot on the waitlist. After that date, they will lose their priority.

Please note that once the name of your child is on our waitlist, it will remain there even if, at the time of registration, your child is not ready to start attending preschool for any reason whatsoever. Any time a spot will become available in the course of the school year, we will offer it to you first, no matter how many times you have turned down a spot.

Please write your cheques to the order of “Association des parents de V’là l’bon vent” and send it by mail to:

V’là l’bon vent preschool
c/o Registrations
5445 Baillie Street
Vancouver V5Z 3M6

In February or March of each year, we hold our annual open house. Parents of children on our waitlist are invited to that event. If you move or change email address after you send in your form, make sure to provide us with your new address.

Any questions you have regarding your child’s registration can be sent to the Registration Coordinator at 604-638-2056 or

Waitlist form: VBV_Formulaire_Reservation_Place_fillable

Official Registration

The official registration applies to all parents and starts in the Spring.

Your child is declared registered and guaranteed a seat upon on time receipt of Fees payment (Registration Fee; Preschool Fees), signed Formal Commitment form, and deposit cheques for Performance guarantee. 

Please write your cheques to the order of Association des parents de V’là l’bon vent and send it by mail to:

V’là l’bon vent preschool
c/o Registrations
5445 Baillie Street
Vancouver V5Z 3M6

Registration Fee

A $75 registration fee is required for each child (the $25 reservation fee is deducted from this amount if applicable).

Preschool Fees and Schedule 

On any given school week (Monday to Friday), our preschool welcomes a group of ten three-year-olds who attend preschool four half-days a week and a group of ten four-year-olds who attend preschool five half-days a week. Although the hours can vary slightly depending on the schedule of Rose-des-vents school, the regular schedule is as follows for each age group.
Please note that our preschool doesn’t offer before- or after-school care.

Three-year-old schedule (three years as of December 31 of the current school year)

Monthly fees*: $325


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


9 to 11:30

9 to 11:30 9 to 11:30 9 to 11:30

Four-year-olds schedule (four years as of December 31 of the current school year)

Monthly fees*: $325 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

12 to 3

12 to 3 12 to 3 12 to 3

*Monthly fees can change without notice

Preschool fees are paid with nine monthly cheques, post-dated to the first of each month starting September 1st. Fees for June are paid before the beginning of the school year and serve as a deposit in case you withdraw your child from preschool with less than a month’s notice.

The BC Ministry of Children and Family Development offers government funding to low-income families eligible to attend French preschool. Those families, and not the preschool’s staff, must take the necessary steps to apply for subsidy.

For more information on this matter, to find out if you’re eligible for subsidy or to apply, visit the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development’s Website or dial 1 888 338-6622 from Vancouver or anywhere else in the Lower Mainland.

Signed Formal Commitment

Each family commits to attend parent annual meetings: Orientation session; Annual general meeting.

In addition, each family undertakes to fulfill diligently its duties and responsibilities in the management and daily activities of the school to ensure its effective operation. Practically this is achieved through joining voluntarily the board of directors or registering willingly for specific tasks and activities.

The board positions are: President, Vice President; Treasurer; Secretary; Registrar.

The positions for non-board members are: Treasurer’s Assistant; Registrar’s Assistant; Health and Safety Coordinator; Representative to Partner’s Committee; Communication Coordinator; Documents and Web Content Coordinator; Party and children’s birthdays Organizer; Maintenance and repair coordinator; Procurement of school supplies coordinator; Promotion Coordinator.

Performance Guarantee Cheques (Deposit Cheques)

To provide your children with the possible highest quality education, all positions must be filled and all duties and responsibilities timely and diligently carried out by the incumbents. The slightest failure to respect the commitments made will affect severely the quality of the education offered to your children.

So, in the event of such regrettable happening, the preschool is obliged to have missed activities performed instantly one way or the other.

Therefore, each family is required to write three deposit cheques dated 30 June of the next school year as a performance guarantee:

  • For 2018-2019 academic year

1. Cheque – Annual general meetings: $25

2. Cheque – Functioning of Preschool: $275

  • Starting from 2019-2020 academic year

3. Cheque – Orientation session: $25

4. Cheque – Annual general meetings: $25

5. Cheque – Functioning of Preschool: $250

These deposit cheques will be returned to the family upon a satisfactory discharge of the formal commitment made as follows:

  • Attendance to the orientation meeting: $25
  • Attendance to the Annual general meetings: $25
  • Execution of duties and responsibilities in school functioning: $250.

The deposit cheque related to a given failure will not be returned but will be retained and cashed by the Association des parents de V’là l’bon vent instead.